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Too often following the death of a family member or friend people feel isolated in their grief and pressured by society's expectations to "get over it" and "to move on." The many myths about grief held in our society don't fit with the reality of the experience.

While there is no set time-frame for grieving, it is quite normal for people to strongly experience their grief reactions between two to five years. It will not always be as intense and painful as in the earliest months but healing from a significant loss does take longer than expected. In truth, grieving is very much an on-going journey and it is natural for you to experience grief surges from time to time.

Grief, like a wound, needs time to heal. The healing we need to happen must occur on the relational, emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

Granting yourself the permission to grieve is important for the healing journey to progress. While each of us experiences loss and grief in our own unique way, the healing process can be made easier with assistance and support.

Often one may be uncertain as to what are their needs. Questions of "Am I going crazy?" or "How long will I feel this way?" are commonly expressed by the bereaved. There is no one simple answer. It can help to reframe how one sees their grief - the experience itself can be quite chaotic, confusing, and even crazy like and the duration of the many feelings of grief, well there isn't a timetable. Generally the first few weeks and months are characterised by acute grief. The numbness that buffers the intensity in those first few days gradually recedes leaving us vulnerable to the storms of sharp and raw thoughts and feelings.

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one it is important to know that you are not alone. Crossroads Hospice volunteers know that grief is painful and takes hard work. They offer a listening ear and a caring heart which can support you as you journey through the grieving process.


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